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staffimage_1.pngDr. Marc Gurtman

In 1991, after a few years of uninspired practice as an attorney, Dr. Gurtman decided that he was tired of working with animals :) and pursued a career in veterinary medicine. A 1998 graduate from Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Marc has special interests in surgery and oncology.

Dr. Gurtman enjoys the challenges of difficult cases and is lucky to have friends that are specialists in various veterinary disciplines to call upon when needed.

Marc enjoys guitar, ice hockey, writing comedy and spending time with his wonderful wife Sonali and children Jason and Lauren.

Dr. Sonali Kothari

Sonali ithaca

Dr. Kothari was born and raised in Canton, Ohio. After four wonderful years in Virginia while at the University of Richmond, Dr. Kothari decided to attend veterinary school at Ross University on the beautiful island of St. Kitts. She completed her final year of clinical studies in Louisiana at LSU and graduated Veterinary School in 2004.

Animals respond to Dr. Kothari’s warm and caring demeanor. Perhaps they sense that “she’s not from around here”.

Driven to offer the “best” medicine, Dr. Kothari will leave no stone unturned in diagnosing challenging cases. She has a special expertise in dermatology and has helped many dogs that had been suffering a life of discomfort due to skin ailments.

Sonali enjoys taking long runs, swimming, tennis, traveling and eating! Although she loves all breeds, Dr. Kothari has a special place in her heart for the small flat-faced kind. Look for Kiwi, Ponzu, Miso, Gnocchi and Maui as evidence when you come visit our practice.


Dr. Karen Urgo

Dr. Urgo is a 2010 graduate of Mississippi State University’s school of veterinary medicine. She enjoys problem-solving, and strives to offer high quality medicine, compassion, and enthusiasm to every client. She has special interests in dentistry and medicine.  Dr. Urgo is also a proficient surgeon with wonderful outcomes in many challenging cases.

Karen has a handsome young son Theodore with her husband Frank.  To our continued amazement Karen travels to work with us from Brooklyn. We are honored to have her pass so many other practices on her way.

Karen enjoys family time and her personal passion is Mississippi State Football and on a good year, the Jets.

KatieIdoctorDr. Katherine Iovino

Dr. Iovino is a native Long Islander and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  She completed her undergraduate work at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Before coming to work at Towne Line, she previously worked in Westbury and Oyster Bay.

Dr. Iovino has a strong passion for the Human-Animal Bond and Animal Behavior which was sparked after completing a training internship at the Long Island Aquarium. She made it a priority to study as much about behavior as possible throughout veterinary school and was involved in teaching dog training classes and dog and cat clicker training labs at Penn Vet. She continued her education in Behavior after vet school by completing a mentorship with a Behaviorist and is also a Fear Free Certified veterinarian. Dr. Iovino is a strong proponent of positive reinforcement training, an idea which she hopes to share with her clients. Her goal is to educate pet owners while making appointments as stress free as possible for her patients. She offers an extra Behavioral Service here at Towne Line.  

Dr. Iovino is a proud pet parent to her black cat, Tucker, and her dog, Finn. Tucker was the last of his litter left un-adopted at the shelter because he does not have a tail, and Finn was rescued from a research lab. Dr. Iovino has a soft spot for shelter animals and also participated in a foster program throughout veterinary school.  In her spare time she enjoys yoga, going to the gym, biking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Dr. Sibley

Dr. Mark Sibley 

A native of Long Island, Dr. Sibley has always loved working with animals. Before going off to college, he provided over 500 hours of volunteer service to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and worked briefly as a veterinary assistant. 

Dr. Sibley attended Cornell University for three years to complete his undergraduate education, double-majoring in Biology and Animal Science. He then stayed at Cornell for another four years to study at the College of Veterinary Medicine and earn his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. 

As a young graduate, Dr. Sibley is motivated to continue learning as much as he can from his talented colleagues. He enjoys the challenge of practicing medicine, but his passion comes from helping animals to live the longest, healthiest lives possible with their human companions.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Sibley spends much of his time spoiling his own animals: Nami, an energetic young Corgi; and Sangha, a charming and graceful senior cat. He also enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix, hosting board game nights with friends, and traveling with his family. 


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