Boarding at TLVG

Pets boarding at our facility are treated as if they were our own. This is not a cliche. As long as they are social, dogs are kept in groups either in the playroom, or in a closed in space behind our front desk. Usually anytime you visit our practice you’ll see a few small dogs that you’d swear are our pets lying comfortably in beds behind the receptionists. Larger dogs, or the more bold little ones, will be seen playing or standing by the window of our playroom.


Cats have access to a large play tower. For social cats, we leave the door to their “condo” open during the day so they can move around and find a comfortable bed or sunny spot to lie on.


We know how stressful boarding your family member can be. Take the stress away by bringing your pet to stay with us. He or she will continue to get all the love and attention they’ve become accustomed to.

Ask your current place of boarding the following questions before making your next reservation:

  • Is my dog kept in a cage at all times?
  • Is my dog walked on a leash or exercised at all while at your facility?
  • Do you have chain link fencing or worse, any rusted metal that can cause injury?
  • Is my pet given a bed to sleep on?
  • Is there a veterinarian at the facility in case of emergency?
  • Are the dogs fed science diet or another premium dog food?
  • Do cats get a climbing area and separate litter pan area?
  • Can multiple family cats have a large kitty condo with lots of hiding space?
  • Does the kennel have skylights or windows to help keep a natural day night cycle or are animals kept in a basement?
  • Is your pet clean when picked up?
  • How many hours is your pet left alone in the cage? Especially over a weekend.
  • Will the facility give an unannounced tour or do they want a “heads up” so that embarrassing conditions can be cleaned?
  • Most importantly, do you feel guilty boarding your pets? I know I used to.

Let us take care of your family member the next time you're away from home. Make your boarding reservation today. Your pet will thank you!

Please feel free to stop by to tour our facility.

Click here to see some video from the playroom


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