What Sets Us Apart

I (Dr. Gurtman) am going to write this in the first person. It’s easier that way and it hopefully will be consistent with the personal attention you’ll receive at our practice.

Dr. Kothari and I were fortunate enough to work with and learn from some great veterinarians and support staff prior to opening our practice. At each stop in our careers, we took note of what worked, and what did not. In our new venture we believe that we have addressed many issues that should make our practice an ideal stop for both clients and their pets.

Here, in no particular order, are the issues that we have determined to be ones of great importance to us. Instead of simple bullet points, a little detail will be attached. I apologize for any verbosity but I want to stress what we’re all about. Our clients should rest assured knowing that no stone has gone unturned in attempting to make our practice the best it can be.

Our practice doesn’t need a “heads up” before a client is taken on a tour of the boarding facility. It is kept clean at all times.
A medical facility should be spotless. We have chosen materials that will not only look brand new the day we open, but that are easy to clean and keep that way. Our floors are all tile with epoxy grout that will not harbor dirt or bacteria. Each of our wards has a separate ventilation fan to minimize the risk of spreading disease throughout our HVAC system.

Fiberglass Cages
Every animal has a bed to lie on. No cold floors, no torn towels to serve as choking hazards.
We do not have the cold stainless steel cages seen in most animal hospitals and boarding facilities. Instead we have fiberglass cages with glass doors and attached feeding bowls. Our runs are not made of cinder blocks which give a hard institutional feel. Nor are they chain link fencing which not only tends to rust, but can become a strangulation hazard. Instead we have top of the line runs from Snyder Cages. Some cages have heated floors, ideal for critical care cases and animals recovering from anesthesia. Our cages open from the outside. No dog, nor person for that matter, can escape, regardless of their magical training.

Comfortable Waiting Rooms
We promise to respect your time and take measures to make our practice as efficient as possible.
Ideally the waiting room is a place you will spend a minimal amount of time. However no amount of planning can avoid the reality that appointments don’t always go as scheduled. To make your waiting time as stress free as possible we have:

  • Separate waiting room areas for dogs and cats.
  • A flat panel televisions in each waiting room.
  • A dedicated child play area with a custom made lego table
  • Receptionists that will let you know if we’re running behind so you can maximize your time.

Consistent Veterinary Care
You will receive the same high standard of care regardless of who you see in our practice. All hospitalized cases are discussed by all of the doctors and technicians every day.
A multi-doctor practice should be a benefit in that some clients may respond well to the practice style of a particular veterinarian and not another. What should not be the case however, is to have different standards of care from one veterinarian to another. I was always impressed with the problem that if a veterinarian had good bedside manner, the client would never know what diagnoses were being missed. Conversely, if a veterinarian has excellent clinical skills but poor people skills, clients will be disappointed. We hope to offer both bedside manner combined with clinical skills.

Cats are special
Cats need space to move and to hide, not a tiny stainless steel box which doubles as a bathroom.
We realize that a trip to the veterinarian is quite an overwhelming experience for a cat, especially an indoor cat. To that end, we have taken steps to make the visit as gentle as possible. There is a separate cat waiting room and separate cat exam rooms. Our cat cages are of various shapes and sizes. They have built in benches. They have separate litter pan areas and little portholes for hiding. We have the ability to allow cats from the same family to share multiple cages and to roam from one to the other. Our cat room has skylights so even when away from home, they can bask in the sun. Check the photos on our Hospital Tour page.

Boarding does not mean being confined to a cage
Take the guilt out of going away. Board your dogs in our facility where a cage is just a place to sleep.
One of the most stressful parts of pet ownership is having to decide what to do with your pets when you want to take a vacation. I hate the guilty feeling that I have when I board my own dogs. I think about them sitting alone in a cold cage instead of on my couch where they have been trained not to go. My favorite room in our new practice is the play and training area. It’s a large room with beds and toys that we keep well behaved dogs in throughout the day. The more difficult, or shall I say, socially challenged boarders are given some time in there alone, while the popular kids get to stay in there virtually all day. We have full time attendants monitoring the playroom. See our Boarding page for more information.

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